TK Stained Glass Design

Lamps Square


TKD251 Lamps Square 1

Contains 10 designs: Hydrangea, Bellflower, Camellia, Lily, Swallow, Bear, Heart, Spade, Club, Diamond

TKD252 Lamps Square 2

Contains 10 designs: Arrow Root, Storax, Wood Sorrel, Cardiandra, Winter Cherry, Monochoria, Strawberry Geranium, Wild Pink, Grape, Potato Flower

TKD253 Lamps Square 3

Contains 8 designs: Rose, Calla Lily, Lotus Flowers, Dog, Leaves, Flame, Snow, Crystal, Waves


TKB501S Carol (H 205 mm)

TKB551 Karen (H 225 mm)

TKB553 Aladdin (H 220 mm)

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