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Let's make Andon Lamps!


Andon is a Japanese traditional style of lighting.

To make Andon lamps, you only prepare 4 panels and fix into Andon frames.

From beginners to professionals, everyone can enjoy making!

We supply Andon frames, accessories and patterns of Japanese taste.



These patterns are fit our Miyabi Andon (TKJ101-4) & Andon1 DX (TKJ105), Andon 1 (TKF3040)


TKD101 Ukiyoe 1

TKD102 Ukiyoe 2

TKD103 Hydrangea & Calla Lily

TKD104 Iris & Peony

TKD105 Goldfish & Morning Glory

TKD106 Seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) & Rabbits

TKD107 Japanese Masks 1 & Figures 1

TKD108 Iris 2 & Gold Fish 2


(These frames do not include electric parts. However you can wire easily.)

Miyabi Andon

W28 x D28 x H49 cm

Panel Size 194mm x 340mm

Cashew lacquer finished

TKJ101 Miyabi 1 (Black flecked with Gold)

TKJ102 Miyabi 2 (Red flecked with Gold)

TKJ103 Miyabi 3 (Black & Gold)

TKJ104 Miyabi 4 (Red & Gold)

Standard Andon

TKJ105 ANDON 1 DX (Dark Brown)

W28 x D28 x H49 cm, Panel Size 194mm x 340mm

TKF3040 ANDON 1 (Dark Brown)

W27 x D27 x H45 cm, Panel Size 194 mm x 340 mm

TKF161 Large ANDON (Dark Brown)

W33 x D33 x H93 cm, Panel Size 260 x 500mm, Wired, With Drawer


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