Company Information


384-37 Tokigaya, Fujieda City, Shizuoka 426-0204, JAPAN

Phone: 81-54-643-3380 Facsimile: 81-54-644-5462


President: (Mr.) Tadao Tsuchiya

Established in 1979

Bank: The Shimizu Bank Fujieda Branch

We are now extending stained / art glass world!

Supply Division (TK Stained Glass Supply)

#To schools, studios, shops

--We supply fine glass and good tools for artisans and instructors.

#To house industries, furniture manufacturers

--We also supply art glass for architectural or industrial purpose.

Design & Studio Division

--We make stained glass panels: from small panels to large / many panels.

#For Public Halls, churches, temples, etc.

#For Residences

--We can make from design to installing.

#TK Original Stained Glass Door Series

--3 types and 22 designs are available.

#To Furniture Manufacturers

--We can supply many stained glass panels for furniture at one time.

###Look OUR WORKS!###

Educational Division (TK Stained Glass Academy)

#Training and Consulting for Instructors

--By training skilled instructors, we try to develop new markets for hobbyists.

#Managing Stained Glass Schools

--We manage Stained Glass Schools in Department stores or culture centers.

--Now we manage 15 classes, more than 150 hobbyists are enjoying.

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